NAEYC Registry Tool Steps

In order to use the OEC Professional Registry to accurately calculate a program’s status toward meeting NAEYC Candidacy or Renewal education requirements, the following steps must be taken.

The deadlines for submitting complete documentation to show in the official OEC NAEYC Staff Education Report are as noted below. Changes to staffing made after this date but before submitting Candidacy or Renewal must be attached by the program to their NAEYC materials.

Candidacy / Renewal Due Date

Deadline to submit all documentation to OEC Career Counselor (including required worksheets) (If date falls on a weekend, deadline is the Friday prior)

January 31

Prior to December 15

May 31

Prior to May 1

September 30

Prior to September 1

  1. Ensure that all staff members have current Registry accounts and an authorized user has secured administrative access to the program’s record (see Instructions – Administrators under the login section of the Registry homepage The following steps can only be implemented by an individual with administrative access to the program’s account.

  2. Confirm program details. Click on Edit Program Details tab under Program Administration to view program information and edit funding details. If changes are required, please contact OEC Registry staff.

  3. Confirm all staff members. Click on the Staff Confirmation tab under Program Administration to view all staff members associated with the program. Designate “Yes” or “No” for each staff member and save results.

  4. "Build" your program for the report:

    1. Designate classrooms / groups. Click the Building/Managing Rooms tab under Program Administration, and then click “Add Room.” For each classroom / group in the program:
      • Enter the name of the classroom/group (i.e. Blue Room, Hummingbirds, Infant 1, etc).
      • Choose the NAEYC age category from the drop down menu.
      • Click all of the days the classroom / group operates.
      • Check the hours of operation for the classroom / group.
      • Enter the total number of children enrolled in the classroom/group (no licensed capacity)
      • Enter funding details (optional for NAEYC report; required for state-funded program reporting)
      • Click “Add Room" to save your work!

      (1) If a room is open different hours on different days, enter the accurate hours.

      (2) If a classroom / group combines with another at different times of a day, the hours of operation should be only those hours of the actual classroom / group.

    2. Assign staff to classrooms/groups.  Click the Building/Managing Staff tab under Program Administration.  For each staff member:
      • Choose a staff member from the employee drop down menu (You will see all staff members that were confirmed in Step 2.).
      • Assign the staff member to the appropriate NAEYC role from the drop down menu.
      • Assign the staff member to the applicable room / group from the drop down menu. 
      • Click on “Add Employee to Room” to save your work.


      • The report will calculate requirements for the Designated Program Administrator, Teachers, and Teacher Assistants / Aides in NAEYC-eligible classrooms / groups. However, all staff will appear on the report.

      • Per our agreement with NAEYC, the Registry captures the following optional non-calculating staff members in order to help NAEYC consider future policy around additional staff:

        Non-Teaching Leadership (non-calculating role) may include such staff as Assistant Director, Curriculum Coordinator, Education Manager, Nurse, etc.

        Non-Teaching Other (non-calculating role) may include such staff as Bus Driver, Cook, Janitor.

      • Typically "floaters" are considered teaching staff members and must be designated as Teachers or Assistant Teachers/Aides, and are then Unassigned to a specific room. These individuals will count in calculations.

      • If a staff member works in multiple classrooms/groups and/or has multiple roles (i.e. Program Administrator and Teacher), enter each staff member in each role / with each classroom / group separately to accurately reflect your program.

      • Per NAEYC, every classroom / group MUST have a Teacher.

      • In general, if a staff member counts in ratio, they must be included.  Refer to NAEYC guidance for staff role definitions.

  5. Build your program’s staff education qualifications. Registry participants are strongly encouraged to keep documentation current.  Program administrators can support this by ensuring education qualifications for new hires and updated transcripts for recently completed courses are immediately submitted to the program’s OEC regional career counselor.  Mail or fax documents to the OEC Office.

    1. The Staff Worksheet helps individuals ensure that the noted applicable documentation is attached, OR already scanned and attached to the participant’s Registry record.

      1. A Registry account holder may view what has been submitted and is currently attached to his/her record by going to the My Tools and Setting tab, selecting My Documents, and by looking at My Education and Training Report entries. 

    2. Be sure to send evidence of First Aid and CPR for all applicable staff members. Use the Multiple Attendees Training Submission form for staff of the same program attending the same training on the same date and time. If not, please copy one staff member's completion card per page, as these must be scanned to each individual staff member’s Registry record. The completion certificate must indicate the date of the training and the expiration date.

    3. Plan ahead to meet your deadline: (1) Foreign Degrees must have been translated and evaluated prior to submission. (2) Transcripts from an out of state college may need course descriptions to verify early childhood content. Submit these early for review!

    4. Please also refer to the OEC NAEYC Staff Worksheet for requirements in addition to education documentation for the following NAEYC candidacy options:

    5. Role & Option

      Additional Requirements (see worksheet for specifics)

      Program Administrator - Option B

      5 year plan to meet Option B must be submitted to OEC.

      Program Administrator - Option C

      Evidence for Alternate Pathway’s Experience column from a PAST job must be entered into My Employment History (under My Tools and Settings).

      Teacher and Teacher Assistant or Aide – Options E, G, A, B (A & B are Teacher Assistant / Aide only)

      Evidence for "Working on" education must be submitted to OEC and are only valid for 12 months prior to and post NAEYC submission (program’s NAEYC expiration date is used to calculate).

      Teacher and Teacher Assistant or Aide – Option J

      Evidence for “3 or more years of experience in an NAEYC Accredited program” for a PAST job must be entered into My Employment History (under My Tools and Settings).

      Teacher and Teacher Assistant or Aide – Option K

      Evidence for “3 or more years of experience in a non-NAEYC Accredited program” for a PAST job must be entered into My Employment History (under My Tools and Settings); 30 contact hours of training in the past 3 years must be submitted to OEC – please mark "For NAEYC Option K" or it will not be accepted.

  6. View reports.  Congratulations on loading all of your information into the OEC Registry! You can view reports by clicking on NAEYC Report under the Program Administration tab. The Staff Education Report is available in Unofficial and Official versions. Official versions are required for NAEYC submission, and the program administrator must click a prompt to acknowledge that all information that has been submitted to NAEYC is accurate and factual in order to download that report. Note that reports remain Unofficial until all staff members have worksheets on file at OEC and the program administrator has verified the accuracy of the information.

    Programs using the OEC reports to submit Candidacy or renewal to NAEYC will be informed by NAEYC as to which pages of their submission packet can be skipped. Connecticut's regional liaison at NAEYC is Lynn Johnson

    Each report is date stamped, and is only accurate to what has been entered by Registry participants, and submitted and verified by OEC up to that date. The report is in .pdf format. To download Adobe for free, go to This report will not be saved to your program record. You may save it to your own computer.

If you have any questions about using the OEC Registry with NAEYC Candidacy or Renewal, please contact Margaret Gustafson, 800.832.7784.