How to Apply for the OEC Head Teacher Certificate

Follow these steps:

1. Open a Registry account at
2. a. Submit evidence of meeting the education requirements. Refer to the Head Teacher Education and Experience Requirements document as well as How to Submit Documentation.

b. Submit the Head Teacher Experience Verification Form (EVF): Have the Head Teacher Experience Verification Form (EVF) completed and signed by the supervisor where the experience was gained.
3. Log in to your Registry account and click on the Apply for Head Teacher tab on the left menu to complete and submit the electronic application.
OEC Registry staff will review each application.
  • If approved, the applicant will be sent an email via the Registry and will be able to download a personalized Head Teacher certificate under My Tools and Settings.
  • If denied, the applicant will be notified by email with the reason(s) for denial and may re-apply when requirements are met.
  • If an application is pending, the applicant will be sent an email indicating the reason. Note that applications are active for 10 days. If supporting documentation is not completed in that time period, the application will be denied. The user may re-apply after correcting the issue.
Remember that correspondence is emailed to the applicant's email address used for Registry log in. Copies of correspondence are also kept in each Registry Account. Applicants should log in and check My Tools and Settings - My Messages.