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WELCOME to Connecticut’s Early Childhood Professional Registry*.

The Office of Early Childhood is pleased to offer this tool to Connecticut’s early childhood professionals and programs for young children. The Registry has been in operation since 2007 and currently has over 24,000 participants in roles including teaching staff members, program administrators, trainers and consultants.

  • As a participant in the Registry, you will be able to build a profile of your employment and education (that will be verified). This profile will be accepted by many partners and programs as documentation of your qualifications. In addition, you can take advantage of tools such as the Resume Builder, licensing Head Teacher Request, Employment History, Scholarship Request, and more.
  • The Registry offers program administrators a system to capture the employment and qualifications of staff. Reports can be generated and used as verification to funders and accrediting agencies, and creating professional development plans.
  • As a state, the Registry provides a look at Connecticut’s early childhood workforce. This data has tremendous potential to bring about improvements to the field. By being part of the Registry, you can help to make this happen and raise public awareness about important issues such as the need for better compensation and professional development access.

I welcome your participation in the Registry and hope you will give us your feedback as we develop and improve this site.

If you are ready to register, you can use the box to the right to login to the Registry.

David Wilkinson
Commissioner, Office of Early Childhood

*Connecticut’s Early Childhood Professional Registry has successfully completed the National Registry Alliance Partnership Eligibility Review Process and meets all the criteria and standards associated with the best practice in state registries for the early childhood and school-age workforce.