What is the Connecticut Early Childhood Professional Registry and what are the benefits?

The Registry is a statewide, secure, online database that tracks verified professional development and employment experience of its members.

The Registry captures data including course credit and degree attainment, career ladder level, occupation, role, program details, and funding sources.

The Registry also serves as the application portal for OEC scholarship, licensing Head Teacher, Early Childhood Teacher Credential (ECTC), and technical assistance provider.

The Registry is open to:
  • Teaching staff, program administrators and other staff of Connecticut's early care and education programs across settings (i.e. board of education, community-based, family child care), and
  • Early care and education technical assistance providers (trainers, consultants, mentors, coaches) supporting Connecticut's workforce.
Benefits of using Connecticut's verified system include:
  • Bringing recognition and professionalism to those who work in early childhood: verified data has been used to support incentives, bonuses, and scholarship awards, as well as informing compensation analysis, legislation, and directing state resources.
  • Assisting individuals and program administrators in professional development planning: individual accounts house the account holder's files and recorded accomplishments for their use; these can then be used to meet prerequisites or other requirements.
  • Assisting program administrators:
    • Streamline the reporting process and unify the requirements of workforce qualifications for the state
    • Real time reports on qualifications of program staff
    • On-going and historical reports on the status of scholarships that program staff have requested from the OEC
    • Tools for professional development planning for program staff
    • Tool to assess a program's readiness for the accreditation process through the National Association for the Education of Young Children; through a partnership with NAEYC, programs can print and send NAEYC a streamlined report that serves as proxy for the candidacy / renewal education qualifications
  • Informing policymakers and state planners regarding the early childhood workforce, and to track progress in meeting state and federal workforce goals and requirements.

Please go to the Office of Early Childhood's website www.ct.gov/oec for information about other OEC programs and initiatives.