NAEYC Accreditation Registry Tools

Note: These tools are available only to the individual(s) with administrative access to the program’s account. See Instructions – Administrators under the login section of the Registry homepage

Purposes of the OEC Professional Registry's NAEYC tools:

To help programs in planning for NAEYC education requirements: Once education qualifications evidence is submitted to OEC (see Steps), program administrators can use these tools at any time to measure where their program staff qualifications are in relation to NAEYC's requirements. Programs do not need to be engaged in NAEYC Accreditation to use these tools! As a planning tool, these help a program consider hiring practices, professional development needs, and documentation necessary to meet NAEYC's requirements.

To reduce paperwork redundancy for the program and offer a streamlined process for Candidacy/Renewal: Per agreement with NAEYC, Connecticut programs need only submit the Official OEC NAEYC Staff Report in lieu of all the transcripts, diplomas and other documents required for the education requirements portion (only) of Candidacy / Renewal materials. As many programs already utilize the OEC Registry to verify staff education qualifications, this agreement helps reduce time and duplicate paper in NAEYC submissions!