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You may only apply once for THIS scholarship lottery. If you have applied for previous lotteries, you must also apply for this one.

  • If you ARE NOT A MEMBER of the Charts-A-Course Registry, a Registry account will be set up for you as part of the award process, if you are awarded, so there is no need to also set one up at this time.

  • If you ARE A MEMBER of the Charts-A-Course Registry, and wish to be a part of the scholarship lottery, you must apply for scholarship assistance using the link below.


Find my ID / Program ID?

When you log in to the Registry your ID# is located in the top right corner of the screen.

When you indicate in your Registry account that you work for a program, the program’s Registry ID is located on your Education and Training Report (under My Tools and Settings). Employment must be confirmed for OEC's Thrive! participation. This is indicated on the same report.

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