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  • Click here for information about faxing or uploading documents directly into your account.
  • Scholarship is currently closed as planned. Please check back in May for a new at-a-glance of priorities and eligibility.
  • Do NOT resend documents if they are already in your account (to check; log into your account and go to Document Management)
  • Find OEC Approved trainers for the OEC Approved trainings for the CT Core Knowledge Competencies (CKCs), CT ELDS, CT DOTS and Pyramid Model. Click here for the list which includes contact information and counties to which the trainer is willing to travel.
  • NEW! Access to Care4Kids health and safety training, and a full training library through your OEC Registry Account!
    This replaces the process of applying through Thrive for online training. If you are in the following groups, you will be eligible to access online training through your OEC Registry account:
    • Licensed family home providers
    • Unlicensed family home providers (relative care)
    • Staff members in licensed and license exempt centers, school and group homes WITH confirmed employment in their OEC Registry account
    Click here for more details.
  • Click here for screen shots of how to make an account, and refer to the instructions for family child care providers (located to the right, under the log in area, in English and Spanish). Once you make an account, it is always there!
  • All Care4Kids Providers: View Care4Kids health and safety requirements compliance in the Registry.
    Provider Type Where do I look for my own Where does it show for my program?
    Unlicensed Family (relative care) Log in to your account – look under your Employment section of your profile. Not applicable - You are your own program!
    Licensed family home providers, and licensed and license-exempt group home, centers and school-based providers Log in to your account – look under your Employment section of your profile. Admin / MSA access users can view a report called OEC Health and Safety Orientation Report that lists all staff and details.

    Click here to be redirected to Thrive! To sign up for first aid, CPR or medication administration training. Remember you can do the training outside of Thrive as long as it meets the requirements: Care4Kids Provider Requirement FAQs in English and Care4Kids Provider Requirement FAQs in Spanish.
  • Remember the system changed effective 05/31/2018, including the removal of candidacy education qualifications. Now there are non-required education qualifications criteria. Admin / MSA Access users should refer to the new NAEYC Registry tool instructions for how to use the new Registry tools and report.
  • The OEC's Registry is now compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome! Update your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to be sure you are seeing everything you should in the Registry!

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